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An equation with absolute values instead of simple variables has twice as many solutions as an otherwise identical equation with simple variables, because every absolute value has both a negative and a positive counterpart.

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A number a power of a variable or a product of the two is a monomial while a polynomial is the of monomials

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Q: How many solutions do absolute value equations have?
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If a system of equations is inconsitient how many solutions will it have?

If a system of equations is inconsistent, there are no solutions.

How many solutions does a quadratic equation and an absolute value equation have?

They each typically have two solutions, a positive one and a negative one.

How many solutions does the system of linear equations shown have?

As there is no system of equations shown, there are zero solutions.

If a system of equations is dependent how many solutions will it have?

Infinite simultaneous solutions. (The two equations represent the same line) OR If your in nova net the answer should be ( Many )

What are solutions of trigonometric equations?

That means the same as solutions of other types of equations: a number that, when you replace the variable by that number, will make the equation true.Note that many trigonometric equations have infinitely many solutions. This is a result of the trigonometric functions being periodic.

Most quadratic equations have how many solutions?


How many solutions does this system of equations have 2x-3y equals -14 4x-6y equals -28?

The equations are identical in value, ie the second is merely twice the first...

How many solutions does an consistent and dependent system of equations have?

It has more than one solutions.

What are inifintly equations?

Linear equations with one, zero, or infinite solutions. Fill in the blanks to form a linear equation with infinitely many solutions.

If a dependent system of equations is solved how many solutions will there be?

if a dependent system of equation is solved, how many solutions will there be?

If a system of equations is independent how many soultions will it have?

A system of equations may have any amount of solutions. If the equations are linear, the system will have either no solution, one solution, or an infinite number of solutions. If the equations are linear AND there are as many equations as variables, AND they are independent, the system will have exactly one solution.

How many solutions exist for the following system of equations?

The answer follows:

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