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none! 7 cm is only 3 inches.

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Q: How many people can fit in a box 7 cm wide?
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How many people fit on a steamboat?

justas many apples that fit in a box.

How Many Homeless people can you fit in a box car?


How many people fit into a 256 wide by 573 long room?

The number of people who are able to fit in a 256 wide by 573 long room depend and with their ages and their sizes.

How many people can fit on a train?

in a box car 890 in a train 1052

How many 12 cm pencils could fit into a 25cm x 15cm x 12cm box?

there is not enough information to calculate. the box may only fit one if the pencil happens to be 25cm wide and 15 cm high

How many ants can you fit in a phone box?

You can fit just as many aunts in a phone box as you could uncles.

How many homosexuals can you fit in a cardboard box?

Depends on the size of the box.

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One, after which the box is no longer empty!

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It depends how big the box is. And how small the cows are.

If has a box that is 18 in long and 12 in wide and has a volume of 3240 cubic in he wants to pack an object that is 9 in long 6 in wide and 16 in high will the object fit in the box?

Since volume is defined length * width * height, this is a simple algebra problem. 18 * 12 * x = 3240. Solving for x, x = 15 in. The object being placed in the box is 9 in long, 6 in wide, and 16 in high. This object can fit in the box, but it will have to be placed on its side.

How much cat food would fit into a box that is 18 cm tall 10 cm wide and 6 cm deep?

You could fit 1.08 litres.

How many pennies would fit in a box 1 foot wide by 1 foot tall by 1 foot long?

Many countries use a penny in their coinage, but they are of different sizes. You need to specify which country.