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it would depend on the size and packing density of the potatoes

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Butt head
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i donโ€™t know

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Q: How many potatoes would fill a cubic mile?
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How many cubic feet would it take to fill a cubic yard?


How many yards in a ton of dirt?

A cubic foot of dirt is about 100 pounds. To fill a ton, 20 would be needed, but to fill a cubic yard, 27 would be needed. As such, a ton of dirt would only fill about .74 cubic yards.

How many cubic centimeters fill a cubic yard?


How many pounds of potatoes in 8000 cubic feet?

There are approximately 43 pounds per cubic feet of potatoes. Thus there are 8000 X 43 = 344,000 pounds of potatoes in 8000 cubic feet.

How many teaspoons would it take to fill a cubic yard?

1 cubic yard = 155 116.052 US teaspoons.

How many minutes are needed to fill a tank 166060.8 cubic inches?

how many minutes are needed to fill a tank 166060.8 cubic inches

How many gallons does it take to fill 8 cubic feet?

It takes 59.84 gallons to fill eight cubic feet.

How many gallons will it take to fill 60 cubic foot?

It takes about 449 US gallons to fill 60 cubic feet.

How many potatoes can fill the sun?

In order to answer this, you would first need to decide on how big the potatoes are. Let's pick potatoes that are round and 2" in diameter, and a volume of about 4.2 cubic inches.The volume of the sun is 1.409 x 10^18 km3, which is equal to 8.6 x10^31 in3. Therefore, the number of potatoes you could fit inside the sun would be about 2.0x10^31, or 20,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 or 20 quintillion.[*Assuming, of course, that no gaps are left between the potatoes]

How many liters would fill a cubic centimeter of space?

One cubic centimeter (cm3 or cc) is equal to one milliliter (mL).To answer the question . . . 1 cubic centimeter = 0.001litre.

How many cubic feet of corn would be needed to fill a cardboard box that is 6 feet 4 feet 2 feet?

You would need 48 cubic feet of corn.

If you have a sphere that is a 35.5 inches in diameter how many gallons will it take to fill this sphere?

The volume is 23,430 cubic inches which would require 101.4 gallons to fill.

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