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Three significant digits.

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Q: How many significant digits are in this number 50.0?
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How many significant digits in 500.95?

To assess the number of significant digits in a number, you first have to find the greatest non-zero digit. In this case it is the first five which represent 500. The next step is to simply count how many digits there are after this number. In this case, there are 4 more digits. Thus the number 500.95 has been given to 5 significant digits.

How many times does 6.7 go into 500?

74.6, to 3 significant digits.

How many counting number between 100 and 1000 remain the same when the order of the digits is reversed?


Which three digits number round to 500 when rounded to the nearest hundreds?


How many digits in half a million?

500 000, there is 6 digits!

How many digits are between 1 and 500?

The answer is 498 digits (you're not suppose to count 1 and 500) if this question was intended to ask "how many numbers are there between 1 and 500?"

How many times does the digit nine appear from 1 to 500?

1 digit number: only 1 number 2 digits number: 18 numbers 3 digits number: 76 So there are 95 numbers containing 9.

How many digits are there in the numbers 1-500?


How large is the number pi?

500 hundred digits and the 27th is 8

How many digits are there from numbers 1 to 500?


When would you round to the greater thousand?

Round up to the greater thousand if:the last three digits of the number are greater than 500, orthe last three digits of the number are 500 and the greater thousand is even.Round down to the smaller thousand if:the last three digits of the number are less than 500, orthe last three digits of the number are 500 and the lesser thousand is even.Many schools teach that 500 should always be rounded up. This is a simpler rule but is wrong since such rounding introduces a bias in the results.

How many 5 digit numbers can be formed from the digits 012 if any of the digits can be repeated?