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Q: How much concrete for a slab 4 feet wide 8 feet long and 4 inches deep?
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If driveway is 10 feet long 15 feet wide and 7 inches deep how many cubic feet of concrete will be required for the driveway?

87.5 cubic feet

How much concrete do you need to pour in a floor measuring 28 feet wide 72 feet long and 6 inches deep?

you would need 37.33 yards of concrete or 38 to be safe

If a sidewalk is 110 feet long by 4 feet wide and 4 inches deep how many cubic feet of concrete will be required for the driveway?

147 cubic feet of cement are required.

How many yards of concrete do you need for a sidewalk that is 4 feet wide by 12 feet long and 3 inches deep?

Volume = 12 cubic feet = (12 / 27 ) 0.444 cubic yard

How much concrete you need in 60 feet long 18 inches deep and 13 inches wide?

(60 x 1.5 x 13/12) / 27 = 3.61 cubic yards

How many square feet is 13 feet long and 24 inches deep?

26 square feet.

Have driveway 15 feet long 8 feet wide and 9 inches deep if concrete is 30 cubic yard what is cost?

Essentially, you need three and a third cubic yards of concrete to replace that quantity to those measurements - so if the cost of a cubic yard of concrete is 30, multiply it by 3.333 and you get 100

What is the cost of concrete for a walkway that is 27 feet long 4 feet wide and 6 inches deep if the concrete is 40 per cubic yard?

Volume of concrete required, in square feet = 27 x 4 x 0.5 = 54 cu ft, which is 2 cubic yards, so 80 dollars/pounds/yen/ringgit or whatever.

How much gravel for 13 feet long x 4 inches wide x 4 inches deep trench?

about 18 cubic feet.

What is cubic feet of dirt to fill a hole 20 inches deep 40 inches wide 96 inches long?

6,400 ft3

What is the square feet of a garden 46 inches long and 46 inches deep?

14.6944... sq ft = 46x46/144

How much concrete is needed area 20ft long by 12inches wide and 4 inches deep?

0.246914 cu. yards (6.666667 cu. ft ) of concrete is needed.