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60 percent = 60/100

60% of 40 = 60/100 x 40 = 24.

Ans: 24 questions.

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Q: How many questions out of 40 must you answer correct to score a 60 percent?
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How many questions can you miss to get a 50 percent on a 35 question test?

To get a 50% on the test, you need at least (50/100) * 35 = 17.5 questions correct. If half credit is not possible, you need to get at least 18 questions correct to get a score of at least 50%. A score of 17 will be just shy of 50%.

How many questions do you have to get right to score a 70 percent on a test of 20 questions?


73 questions How many questions did you miss to get 79 percent?

73 questions on the test, all worth the same credit. Score 79% means you got -- 58 correct (79.452%) -- 15 wrong (20.548%)

How many questions can you get wrong on a test that has 50 questions in order to score 78 percent?


How many questions can you miss to score 80 percent on a 72 question test?

The answer depends on how many of the ones that you do are correct and whether there are any penalties for wrong answers.

How many answer are right with 84 percent out of 25 questions?

if I have 25 questions on a quiz and I get a score of 84% how many questions are correct

If Tom got 70 percent of the questions correct on a music test if he got 7 questions correct how many questions were on the test?

10 questions

You took a test with 130 questions you answered 92 percent correctly how many questions did you get correct?

Questions correct are 130 * 0.92 or 120.

How many questions can I get wrong on a 25 questions test to score 70 percent?

30/100*25 =7.5 so you must not get more than 7 questions wrong to score 70%

How many questions was on a test if you scored 85 percent and got 34 correct?

40 questions

How many questions can you miss to get 78 percent on a 150 question test?

In order to score 78% correct on a test with 150 questions, assuming that every one of the 150 answers is given equal weight, you must answer exactly 33 questions incorrectly. No more, no less.

How many questions did you miss out of 75 questions to get a 90?

Assuming that all questions score equally, you can miss out at most 7. And then need to get them all correct.