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3 out of 4. 8 possiableaties------------------ coins 1--- 2--- 3--- 4--- 5--- 6--- 7--- 8 x y--- x--- x--- x--- x--- y--- y---- y--- y x z--- x--- x--- z--- z--- x--- x----z--- z y z--- y----z---y--- z--- y--- z----y-----z There are 8 possiabilities for the three coins to land, you count the matches, there 6 out of 8 that match.

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Q: If you throw 3 coins one with x on 1 side and y on other x on one side and z on other other with y on 1 side and z on other what is theoretical prob of getting 2 that match I don't understand?
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What is the math definition of experimental?

The word "experimental" is usually used to describe data that have come from an actual test or experiment. These data are opposite to "theoretical" data, which are only educated guesses at what the data should look like. In statistics, theoretical probability is used a lot. For example, if I flip a coin, in theory, it would land on each side half of the time. Perform some trials, however, and this percentage may be skewed. The experimental data that you collect probably wouldn't exactly match the theoretical probability.

If you flip 3 coins what are the odds that they all land same side up?

Ok, I'm admittedly not a probability geek, but here is my reasoning... if you flip two coins there are only two possibilities... alike or different, and that's 1 in 2 or 50/50 odds. When you add the third coin it's automatically going to match at least one of the other two... unless the other two were alike and it falls differently. so it does decrease the probability of all matching, and there are three opportunities for one of the coins to be different. So I say it's 1 in 3.

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What is the theoretical probability that tossing 3 coins will all match?

The probability that the second coin matches the first is 0.5 .The probability that the third coin matches the first is 0.5 .The probability that the second and third coins both match the first is (0.5 x 0.5) = 0.25 = 25%

A fair nickel and a fair dice are tossed once outcomes match when both coins land on heads or both coins land on tails What is the theoretical probability of a match?

The probability of 2 coins both landing on heads or both landing on tails is 1/2 because there are 4 possible outcomes. Head, head. Head, tails. Tails, tails. Tails, heads. Tails, heads is different from heads, tails for reasons I am unsure of.

Which Die - Coin combinations' experimental probability matches its theoretical probability?

None of the experimental probabilities need match the corresponding theoretical probabilities exactly.

What was the purpose of performing the Chi-Square test?

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Assuming I've understood your question properly...First, the number of coins doesn't matter in the slightest; only the first and last count, so the ones in between are irrelevant.Second, the first coin sort of doesn't matter. The only thing that matters is whether or not the last one matches it. Whatever the first coin is, the last coin could come up matching it or, with equal probability, come up not matching it.So the probability is 0.5.If you really want to convince yourself of this, list all the ways the coins could land (HHHH, HHHT, and so on to TTTT). There will be 16 of them. For 8 of those sixteen, the first and last coins will match.

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