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35 minutes

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Q: If your pace on a treadmill is 65 meters per minute how many minutes will it take for you to walk a distance of 7500 feet?
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If earthworm travels 40 meters in 20 minutes how many meters can they travel in one minute?

Speed = Distance / Time = 40 metres / 20 minutes = 40/20 metres per minute = 2 metres/minute.

What is light minutes?

A light minute is the distance light travels in one minute, approximately 1.8 x 10^10 meters.

How many meters equals one minute?

No number of meters equals one minute, unless possibly minutes of longitude are meant. Normally, minutes measure time and meter measures distance, which are incommensurable (incompatible) categories.

Snail can move approximately 0.30 meters per minute How many meters can the snail cover in 15 minutes?

Multiply 0.30 (meters/minute) by 15 (minutes) to get your answer. The "/minute" and "minutes" will cancel out when you do so, leaving your answer in meters.

What is the unit rate of 1700 meters in 40 minutes?

1700 meters in 40 minutes or 1700/40 meters per minute = 170/4 = 42.5 meters per minute

What is the treadmill pace to run a 4 minute mile?

distance = rate * time rate = distance/time rate = 1 mile / 4 minutes = 0.25 miles/min * 60 minutes/hr = 15 miles per hour

What is 720 meters per day to meters per minute?

1 day = 1440 minutes ⇒ 720 meters per day = 720 meters in 1440 minutes ⇒ 720 ÷ 1440 meters per minute = 1/2 meter per minute = 0.5 meters per minute

How many meters can a snail travel in 15 minutes if it can move 0.30 meters per minute?

15 minutes(.30 meters / minutes) = 4.5 meters

What is the speed of a horse in meters per second that runs a distance of 1.2 miles in 2.4 minutes?

.5 miles per minute

How many meters will the airplane travel in 2 minutes at 40 meters per second?

60 - seconds in a minute. X 40 - meters per second. ----------------------------------- 2400 - meters per minute X 2 - minutes ---------------------------------- 4800 meters in 2 minutes.

A caamel travels 500 meters in five minutes What is its speed?

500 meters/5 minutes = 100 meters per minute.

What is the speed of the wave if the wave travels 40 meters across a field of grass in 4 minutes.?

Just divide the distance by the time. In this case, it will give you the speed in meters/minute.

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