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The line separates the numerator and the denominator.

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Q: In a fraction what does the line represent?
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How could you represent the fraction four tenths using a model or number line?

Create a number line from zero to one where the gradations are in tenths.

What do numerator and denominator represent?

The numerator is the number above the line in a common fraction showing how many of the parts indicated by the denominator are taken. The denominator is the number below the line in a common fraction showing the total number of parts.

How do you determined the decimal from the fraction?

A decimal fraction is preceded by a period. A common fraction shows a numerator above the fraction line and the denominator below the fraction line, which represents a division statement.In other words, a fraction says "I represent n parts of a whole divided into d parts, where n is the numerator and d is the denominator." To convert a fraction to a decimal, divide the numerator (the number above the line) by the denominator (the number below the line).Example: to convert 1/3 to a decimal, divide 1 by 3. The answer will 0.3333 etc.

What is a fraction what does it represent?

A simple fraction represents a part of the whole.

What does a fraction represent?

A fraction represents a portion of a whole item.

How do you make a line plot with data that include fraction?

The points are marked between the numbered tick marks which represent whole values.

What represent a part of a whole?

A fraction.

What does the horizontal line on the map of Ecuador represent?

what geographic line is the country named after ? what does that line represent

When drawing graphical representation of vector the length of the line represent the and an and represent the direction?

length of a line represent the

How do you represent 375 into a fraction?

It is simply 375/1 as an improper fraction

Where a is an integer or fraction?

a can represent an integer or fraction, or almost anything else.

What the fraction of 10?

10 is an integer, and there is no sensible way to represent it as a fraction.

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