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Yep, to do long division the box is called a division bracket.

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Q: Is that long division box called a division line?
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What is the box called that is used in long division?

the division box is called a division bracket

What is the long division box called?

a division bracket

What is short division in math?

Short division is a method of dividing numbers where the quotient is written above the division line, the divisor is written outside the division box, and the dividend is written inside the box. The division is done digit by digit, from left to right, to find the quotient and remainder.

In division what is the number inside the box called?

It is the dividend

Where does the divisor go in a division problem?

It is the middle number in the short (5~1=5) division or outside of the box in long division.

What is the number called that is outside the box in a division problem?

the quotient

Does the numerator or the denominator go in the division box?

The numerator goes in the division box.

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