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In this case, it is the same - as it is for any negative number. But the opposite of a positive number is NOT the same as its absolute value.

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Q: Is the opposite of -45 equal to the absolute value of -45?
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What is the absolute value of -45?

The absolute value of any negative integer is equal to its value without the minus sign. In this instance, abs(-45) = 45.

What is the absolute value of 45?

The absolute value of 45 is 45.

What is the absolute value of negative 45?

45 is.

What is absolute value distance from the numbers -45 to 65?

45 + 65 = 110

Find the value of a if tan 3a is equal to sin cos 45 plus sin 30?

If tan 3a is equal to sin cos 45 plus sin 30, then the value of a = 0.4.

What is the mixed number of 7 over 45?

The absolute value of 7/45 is less than 1 and so there is no mixed number corresponding to it.

Algebra -73 plus 28?

-73 + 28 = -45 |-73| - |28| = 73 - 28 = 45 (Since -73 has the largest absolute value keep its sign)

What is 120 percent of 45 dollars?

To find 120 percent of a value, multiply the value by 1.2. In this instance, 1.2 x 45 = 54. Therefore, 120 percent of 45 dollars is equal to 54 dollars.

Which integers have an absolute value of 45?

f(x) = abs(x), the "absolute value"-funtion is the function defined as follows:f(x) = x iff x>=0 and f(x) = -x if x=0 then f(x) = x = 45if x

What is 45 equal to?

45 = 45

What is the missing angle of a quadrilateral with a 135-degree angle?

If it is a 4-sided parallelogram, then its interior angles are 135, 135, 45 and 45 degrees because opposite angles are equal and the 4 angles add up to 360 degrees.

What does h equal in9h-21 equals 24?

Okay - you have the expression 9h-21=24... It's telling you that something minus 21 is 24. The unknown value 9h must equal 21+24 (which is 45). Therefore the value of h is 5. 9x5=45. 45-21=24.

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