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its estefania and the answer is 7=54

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Q: It takes Flora 3 hours to knit a pair of socks and 7 hours to knit a pair of gloves If she spent 89 hours knitting a total of 15 pairs of socks and gloves how many pairs of each did she knit?
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You have 13536 pairs of gloves how many dozen do you have?

You have 1128 dozen pairs of gloves.

A mercant bought 30 dozen pairs of gloves how many individual gloves did the merchant buy?

360 individual pairs of gloves

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The best-case number is, obviously, two. The worst-case number is twelve: one more than the number of gloves of one handedness. Source:

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Your answer depends on the material from which the gloves are made, and your requirement for the use of your fingers and hands.