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It is a number that can be expressed as a fraction but is NOT an integer. For example. 3 is an integer and it is rational since we can write 3/1, but 1/3 is not an integer and it is rational since we wrote it as a fraction or a ratio. Remember that a rational number is one that can be written as A/B where A and B are integers. Now if B is 1, which is certainly an integer, A/1 is rational but since A is an integer, A/1 is an integer.

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Q: Meaning of non integer rational number?
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How do you get nonzero rational number?

Divide a non-zero integer by a non-zero integer.

Should the quotient of an integer divided by a non zero integer always be a rational number?

Yes, that is how a rational number is defined.

What are the example of non-integer rational number?

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Meaning of non-integer rational numbers?

non integer rational numbers means the numbers in p/q form and this value is not a perfect integer. ex: 22/7

Is a non-perfect square a rational number?

It can be. 7 is a non-perfect square and, being an integer, it is rational.

If a number isn't a integer what is it?

It is a non-integer. It can be a rational fraction (in decimal or rational form); it can be an irrational number (including transcendental numbers); it could be a complex number or a quaternion.

Is 2 and 3 fifths rational?

Yes. Any number that can be written as one integer over a non-zero integer is a rational number. 2 3/5 = (2×5+3)/5 = 13/5 which is the form of one integer over a non-zero integer, thus it is rational.

Is fraction a rational or irrational?

A fraction, consisting of one integer divided by another, non-zero, integer is a rational number.

Rational that is not an integer?

The are an infinite number of rational numbers that are not integers, because a rational number is a number that is written as a ratio of two integers. For examble, 1/2 (i.e. a half) is a non-integer rational number. This form is generally called a fraction.

Why the quotient of an integer divided by a nonzero integer are not a rational numbers?

Any integer divided by a non-zero integer is rational.

What are the rules for division of integers?

Any integer can be divided by any non-zero integer, and the result is a rational number.

What is a rational number that is a common factor?

Any non-zero integer can be a common factor.

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