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must all edges of semiregular polyhedron be the same length

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Q: Must all the edges of a semiregular polyhedron be the same length?
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What polyhedron have some a face but no edges and no vertices?

A polyhedron must have at least 4 faces, at least 4 vertices and at least 6 edges.

How many faces and edges does a 3d polyhedron have?

The only thing that can be said that there must be at least 4 faces and at least 6 edges and that the polyhedron must satisfy the Euler criterion which requires that: Faces + Vertices = Edges + 2.

What is the difference between a geometric solid than a polyhedron?

A polyhedron is in a subclass of geometric solids. The difference is that a polyhedron must have flat faces and straight edges.

Is it possible for convex polyhedron to have 6 faces 8 vertices and 10 edges?

No, F + V = E + 2That's Euler's polyhedron formula (or Theorem). For a normal 3-d polyhedron to exist it must conform to that equation.

What has 9 faces 12 edges and 18 vertices?

It must be a very strange shape. The numbers do not satisfy the Euler characteristic for any simply connected polyhedron.

What are the properties of a platonic solid?

A Platonic solid is a regular, convex polyhedron. The same amount of edges must meet at each vertex, all the faces need to be uniform, and all the dihedral angles must be the same.

How does a 2-d polyhedron look?

A polyhedron, be definition, must be 3-dimensional. Therefore, there can be no such thing as a 2-d polyhedron

What has 5 faces 6 edges and 4 vertices?

No regular polyhedron can have these qualities: F + V - E must equal 2. - a three-sided pyramid has 4 faces, 6 edges, and 4 vertices. - a four-sided pyramid has 5 faces, 8 edges, and 5 vertices

How many faces and vertices does a gemstone have with 22 edges?

The number of vertices and faces is 2 more than the number of Edges according to Euler's formula. So a gemstone with 22 edges must have a total of 24 faces and vertices.

How many vertices edges faces does a polyhedra have?

A polyhedron is a generic term for 3 dimensional objects which are bounded by polygonal faces. They can have 4 or more vertices, 6 or more edges and 4 or more faces. The numbers of vertices (V), edges (E) and faces (F) must also satisfy the Euler characteristic: F + V = E + 2.

What is the answer for this question total area of cube 294cm square what is the length of an edge of the cube?

In order for an object to qualify as a cube, it must satisfy these properties: * 6 faces (like a die), 12 edges, 8 corners * all it's edges must be equal length * all it's faces have equal area If the area of the cube is 294, then the sum of it's 6 faces' area is 294 So... The area of one face is 294 ÷ 6 = 49 If all it's edges have equal length, then each face is a square. The area of a square is length × length = length = length² = 49 So... the length of one edge is the square root of 49 = 7, -7 Since you are looking for a length, -7 is not an option. The length of the edge is 7

Is the shape of the football polygon?

No because a polygon is a plane figure. A football is a bit like a polyhedron, but all the faces of a polyhedron must be flat and, because of inflation, those of a football are not.