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Each position has a place-value that is 10 times as much as the position that is one to the right of it; or 1/10 as much as the position that is one to the left of it.The starting point is that the right-most digit in a whole number, or of the whole part in a number with decimals, has a place-value of 1.

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A polynomial of degree zero is a constant term

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The sum or difference of p and q is the of the x-term in the trinomial

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The decimal system is one in which the place value of any non-zero digit is ten times the value of the same digit which is one place to its right.

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Q: Place values in decimals
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Describe how place value is used to compare decimals?

Align the numbers according their place values. Go from left to right (decreasing place values) until the face values of the numbers are different. Then the number with the larger face value in that place is the larger number.

What do you use decimals for?

Represent numerical values.

Who invented place values?

a European mathematician did it two or three centuries ago. before then they used fractions instead of decimals.

Why do you have decimals?

To show values less than 1.

Subtracting negative and positive decimals?

By doing this it aligns all the place values so you can clearly add or subtract the correct place values and get a correct answer. You might say it is an organization technique. Of course if you use a calculator, this is not necessary.

Is it easier to work with fractions or decimals?

Decimals until you get to values with over nine decimal places, then fractions are more exact

What are the seven place values in decimals?

There are an infinite number of decimal place values. Last year, a Japanese team,using a supercomputer, calculated the value of "pi" out to 4 trillion decimal places.The first seven places after the decimal point are:tenthshundredthsthousandthsten-thousandthshundred-thousandthsmillionthsten-millionths

How can you add decimals without a place-value chart to make sure you adding the same place value?

you can line up the decimals

What is Fundamentals Of Decimals?

The fundamental principal of decimal numbers is that the place value of any digit is ten times that of the place value of the digit to its right. Coventionally, place values with negative and non-negative powers of ten are separated by the decimal point.

How can decimals help you with your life?

Decimals are everywhere - money is one big place you'll find them!

Does gasoline use decimals to the thousandth place?

No. Gasoline is inanimate and does not use decimals. Full Stop.

What are the place values in decimals?

.1 tenth .01 hundredth .001 thousandth .0001 ten-thousandth .00001 hundred- thousandth .000001 millionth so on and so forth

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