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vertical translations

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Q: Shifting the graph of an equation up or down is called?
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To shift the graph of an equation a certain number of units down you need to that number to from the functions equation?


What is the equation to 2 units down of the graph of y equals x?


What is the effect on the graph of the equation y equals x2 plus 2 when it is changed to y equals x2 - 4?

the graph is moved down 6 units

Which is the exponential form of log 8 x equals 3?

The graph of is shifted 3 units down and 2 units right. Which equation represents the new graph?

If you wanted to shift the graph of y 4x plus 7 down which equation could you use apex?

y = 4x + 3

When you shift the graph of an equation up or down does every instance of x in the equation change?

Yes, for example if you have y=x but you shifted the equation up 3 units hence: y=x+3. than you will receive a different y from every instance (point) of x. Reference:

What is the graph line called that runs up and down?

vertical axis :)

What does increasing the constant c by 4 units in an equation of the form y ax2 c do to its graph?

I'm guessing that your equation is y = ax² + c (as there are limitations as to what punctuation, including mathematical symbols, can be put in a question). Increasing c by 4 units shifts the graph 4 units up the y-axis. If you equation was y = ax² - c, then increasing c by 4 units shifts the graph 4 units down the y-axis.

What is the name for a slide to the left or right up or down on a graph called?

I believe it's a transition.

What is the geometric significant of k in equation yx3 k?

This equation yx3 k is that of a parabola. The variable h and k represent the coordinents of the vertex. The geometrical value k serves to move the graph of the parabola up or down along the line.

What happens when you downshifting?

Down shifting means

Is it bad to not use your clutch while down shifting and up shifting in a civic SI?

Yes, always use your clutch for any kind of shifting