Solve this inequality 9h 2 - 79?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: Solve this inequality 9h 2 - 79?
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Solve the inequality 9h 2-79?

The answer to 9h + 2 < -79 is H < -9

Solve this inequality 9h 2-79?

9h+2<-79 yea that's the question but what's the answer?

Solve this inequality 9h plus 2 is less than negative 79?

9h + 2 < - 79 9h < - 81 h < - 9

Solve this inequality 9h plus 2 nagative79?

h &lt;9

What does h represent in the inequality 9h 2-79?

h is just a variable like x, y, or z.

If 9h plus 2 equals -79 what is h?

9h + 2 = -79 9h = -81 h = -81/9 h = -9

9h plus 2 less than negative79?

9h + 2 &lt; - 79 subtract 2 to both sides 9h &lt; - 81 divide by 9 to both sides h &lt; -9 All numbers less than 9 are solutions for the inequality. Note that 9 is not a solution.

9h plus 2-79 what is h?

h is the 8th letter on the English alphabet..

Solve this equation 9h plus 2 - 79?

That's not an equation, and there's no solution required.An equation has an 'equals' sign ( " = " ) somewhere in it.That expression is just 9h - 77. Its numerical value depends on what 'h' is. Every time'h' changes, the value of that expression changes. That's all there is to say about it.

Solve the inequality 3 -2 x 7.?

The above is not an inequality as stated.

Solve the inequality 7x - 2 54?


Solve the inequality 9 h plus 2 minus 79?

This cannot be solved. Just like an equation, an inequality has to have at least one variable and at least one operator, such as less than, greater than, etc. Yours has no operator. Please restate your question.