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Q: The face of a three dimensional figure by which the figure is measured or classified?
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Why are square units used when working with a three-dimensional figure?

Surface area of three dimensional figures are measured in square units whereas their volumes are measured in cubic units

When measuring the amount of space in a three-dimensional figure you are finding what?

Its volume measured in cubic units.

What is a three dimensional figure that has faces with more than one dimensional figure?

All three dimensional figures have more faces than a one dimensional figure. There are an infinite number of one dimensional points on a three dimensional figure

Is a polyhedra a three dimensional figure?

Pedantically, no. A polyhedron is a three dimensional figure (with some additional qualities). Polyhedra are three dimensional figures.

Is a quadrilateral a three dimensional figure?

no it is a 4 dimensional figure not a 3 dimensional figure * * * * * No. A quadrilateral is a two dimensional figure. It has a length and a breadth and no more.

What is a four sided three dimensional figure?

A pyramid is a four-sided, three-dimensional figure.

Is a square a three dimensional figure?

A square is not a three dimensional figure unless it is in the form of a cube.

What is a two-dimensional pattern that you can fold to form a three-dimensional figure?

A net is a two-dimensional pattern that you can fold to form a three-dimensional figure.

What is a three dimensional hexagon called?

There is no such thing. A hexagon is a two dimensional figure. A three dimensional figure with six vertices is an octahedron.

How does a two dimensional object different from a three dimensional object?

Two dimensional object is a plane figure where as three dimensional object is solid (space) figure.

What two dimensional figure can you fold to form a three dimensional figure?


Three dimensional figure?

solid figure