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Q: The mean of eight numbers is 41. The mean of two numbers is 29. What is the mean of the other six numbers?
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What is the answer to this question and how do you get to it. The mean of eight numbers is 41 and the mean of two of the numbers is 29 what is the mean of the other 6 numbers?

Work with the total sums of the numbers:The mean of eight numbers is 41, so the total of those eight numbers is 8 x 41 = 328The mean of two of those eight numbers is 29, so the total of those two numbers is 2 x 29 = 58So the total of the other six numbers must be the difference between these two totals, that is 328 - 58 = 270Thus the mean of these six numbers is their total divided by 6, namely 270 ÷ 6 = 45.

What set of twelve numbers has a mean of seven a median of six and a mode of eight?


If the mean of a number is six and one of these numbers is three.What is the mean of the other three numbers?

Any numbers that are equivalent to 21.

How many numbers 1 to 500 are divisible by six but not by eight?

There are 63 numbers 1 to 500 that are divisible by six but not by eight.

What is eight million and six hundred and ninety eight thousand in numbers?


Decimal numbers in word 0.68?

To say 0.68 in words would be "zero point six eight" or "zero and six eight".

How do you write six hundred eight thousandths in numbers?

It is 0.638

How Do you write Six And Eight Thousands?

To write Six and eight thousands in numbers , 68000Correction:The above is sixty-eight thousand.Six and eight thousands is the same as 6 + 8000 which equals 8006If the question means six and eight thousandths, then it is written as 6.008

What is the correct spelling of 55.646.808?

The number sequesnce (apparently a numerical URL) could be read as "fifty-five dot six four six dot eight oh eight" (two digit numbers can use number names) The numbers involved would separately be fifty-five six hundred (and) forty-six eight hundred (and) eight

How do you write thirty-six point eight million into numbers?


What are the next two numbers that come after the number six?

Seven and eight

What set of numbers are common factors of six and eight?

1 and 2