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The diagonal is 15.620 meters.

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Q: The width of a rectangle is 10 meters and its area is 120 square meters What is the length of the diagonal?
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What are the steps taken to get the diagonal measurement of a rectangle?

-- Multiply the rectangle's length by itself. ('square' the length) -- Multiply the rectangle's width by itself. ('square' the width) -- Add the two results. -- Find the square root of the sum. It is the length of the diagonal.

How do you count the number of squares crossed by the diagonal in a rectangle?

To find the length of a diagonal in a rectangle, use the Pythagorean method. Diagonal length = square root(length squared + height squared).

What is the perimeter of a square that has a diagonal of length 20 meters?

The perimeter of this square is 56.569 meters.

What is the length of a rectangle if the diagonal and height are given?

If d is the diagonal and h is the height Let, l=length of rectangle we have By pythagrous theorem d square= l square + h square therefore l square= d square - h square

How do you find the length of a rectangle knowing ONLY the diagonal and the width?

You square the width and subtract it from the diagonal squared. Then find the square root of this number, this number is now the length.

What is length of diagonal line in rectangle 32 feet by 36 feet?

Using Pythagoras: 322+362 = 2320 and the square root of this is the length of the diagonal

What is the aswer A rectangle has an area of 240 square meters and a width of 15 meters. and nbsp and nbsp What is the length of the rectangle?

Length of rectangle: 240/15 = 16 meters

What is the value of diagonal of rectangle?

It is square root of (length square + breadth square) (l2 + b2 ) 1/2

How do you find the width and length of a rectangle if you only know the diagnol?

If the only known fact is the length of the diagonal then the width and length of the rectangle CANNOT be determined. The diagonal could be that of a square, or of a rectangle that is very long but quite narrow. Consequently at least one more fact is required such as; the dimension of either the length or the width, or the angle that the diagonal makes to the base of the rectangle or even the area of the rectangle.

How do you increase a square to a rectangle so that the relation of its vertical and horizontal borders is 1 against square root 3?

You draw a rectangle that has a diagonal which length is equal to twice the length of the side of the square.

What is the formula to find the diagonal of a rectangle?

The diagonal of a rectangle is the third and longest side of a triangle with sides the same as those of the rectangle, so its length is the square root of the sum of the squares of the lengths of the sides of the triangle, (Pythoagoras' Theorem) which are also the sides of the rectangle. If the rectangle is 3 inches by 4 inches, then the diagonal is the square root of 3 squared (= 9) and 4 squared (= 16) so the diagonal is the square root of 16 + 9 = 25, giving it the length of 5 inches.

How do you find diagonal of rectangle when perimeter and width are known?

Length = (1/2 of perimeter) minus (Width) Diagonal = square root of [ (Length)2 + (Width)2 ]

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