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Q: To find the product of two polynomials multiply the top polynomial by each of the bottom polynomial?
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Why is it important to know the reverse process of multiplication?

To cross-check that a multiplication is correct as for example if 7*8 = 56 then the reverse process of division must be correct as 56/7 = 8 or 56/8 = 7

What are the rules for simplifying polynomials?

top times top, bottom times bottom

What is 32over12 multiplied by 15over12 as a fraction?

First, multiply the top numbers: 32x15=480 Then multiply the bottom numbers 12x12=144 Then put the product of the top numbers of the product of the bottom numbers: 480/144 Then reduce! 10/3

Change the mixed numbers to improper fractions 535?

You multiply the whole number and the denominator. Then then you add the numerator to the product. Numerator: top of fraction Denominator: bottom of fraction Product: is when you multiply, for example 4 x 4 = 16 so 16 is the product.

What is the definition of cross product?

taking two fractions. and cross multiply. all fraction has a numerator (top number) and a denominator (bottom number). multiply the numerator to the other fraction's denominator and the denominator to the other fraction's numerator to get the product.

Is a variable times a number on the bottom of a fraction a polynomial?

No, nothing like it.

What are the ways to multiply with fractions?

you just multiply top with top, bottom with bottom

How can you use a rectangular model to help multiply fractions?

You don't need any complicated "model". Just multiply the top parts of both fractions and put the answer in the top part of the result. Similarly, the bottom part of the result is the product of the bottom parts of both fractions.

How do you you cross multiply?

if youre dealing with fractions then you multiply top by top and bottom by bottom then simplify

When you multiply fractions do you multiply the bottom numbers too?


Is four fifths equivalent to five fourths?

No.* 4/5 and 5/4 are reciprocals, meaning that their product is 1. * The only way to get a fraction that is equivalent to a given fraction is to multiply or divide top and bottom by the same number. For example, if you multiply top and bottom of 4/5 by 2, you get 8/10.

How do you find the product of a problem written as a fraction using the slash mark for the fraction bar?

To find the product of two fractions, multiply the top two numbers together and enter the total above or to the left of the slash, then multiply the bottom two numbers together and enter that total below or to the right of the slash.