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you find the markup then you add it

second method find markup then subtract

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Q: Two different methods of finding the sale price?
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What is the formula for finding sale price in economics?

sale price=(regular price)(complement of markdown)

Explain the rules regarding ascertainment of price in a contract of sale?

Explain the Various Methods of Costing. Ans. The methods of costingrefer to the techniques and processes employed in the ascertainment of costs. Different ...

Will you be entitled to have a refund if buying a use car at a different price and found out that it was on sale but did not give you the sale price at the time when you bought the car?


What are some tips for finding the best sale price on a flat screen TV?

There are many tips once should be aware of when finding the best sale price on a flat screen TV. This includes waiting for major sale days, such as Black Friday, looking for coupons, and comparing online between retailers.

what was the sale price?

what was the sale price

Is discounted price the same as the sale price?

no discounted price is the price after some money has been taken off the sale price for a sale etc. but sale price is the original price

Price of a dress is is on sale at 22 percent. what is the sale price?

The sale price is 109.20

What is the definition of sale price?

the price at which something is offered for sale. the reduced price of something on sale.

The price of a 69.45tire is lowered 5.75 for a sale after the sale what is the new price?

After the sale the price returns to 69.45

Why sale price and cost price are different?

Well technically cost price is the real price with no discounts and sale price is the cost price minus the discount (e.g. 20% offa $100 item would make the item cost $80)

What is the answer A skateboard is on sale for 60 percent off the regular 80 price What is the sale price?

The sale price is $32.00

How do you find the percentage off of an item given the original and sale price?

original price-sale price. Then original sale price/the answer to the previous.

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