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find two positive numbers whose product is a maximum.

1.) the sum is s.

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Q: Two real numbers whose sum is S and whose product is a maximum?
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Given two real numbers whose sum is ten What is their maximum product?

5+5 = 10 (Sum is ten)5*5 = 25 (Product is 25)*this product is maximum for all any 2 real numbers that == 10

Two real number whose sum is 8 and whose product is maximum?

two real numbers, whose sum is 8 and product is max, are 4,4. 4+4=8 and 4*4=16.

How do you use a quadratic equation to find two real numbers whose sum is 5 and whose product is -14?


What are the two numbers whose sum is 2 and whose product is -20?

There are no real numbers that satisfy the requirements. The complex solutions are: 1 +/- sqrt(21)

What are two factors whose product is 360 and whose sum is 9?

No pair of real numbers can do that.The numbers are4.5 + j 18.43234.5 - j 18.4323

How does one complete this problem... Find two positive real numbers whose product is a maximum Q The sum of the first and three times the second is 42?

The problem is complete. There is enough information there for it to be solved.

What two numbers whose product is 1800 and sum is 5?

There are no two real numbers that can do that.The numbers that can are (2.5 + i42.343) and (2.5 - i42.353).The symbol ' i ' means the square root of -1.

Is it possible to factor x2 plus 6x plus 18?

The question is equivalent to asking if there are two numbers whose sum is 6 (the coefficient of x) and whose product is 18 (the constant term). Since there are no such real numbers, the answer is NO. There is a solution in the complex domain but the normal context for such questions is the real numbers.

Give 2 real numbers whose sum is a rational number and whose product is an irrational number?

1 + sqrt(2) and 3 - sqrt(2) Their sum is 4 Thier product is 1 + 2*sqrt(2)

What times a fraction will get you 20?

anything Any real number can be expressed or closely approximated as a fraction, the there are an infinite number of pairs of numbers whose product is 20.

What is the product of 9 negative real number?

The product of nine negative real numbers is a negative real number.

What is a product of real numbers and variables?

It is a Term.