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20 degrees

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Q: What- a triangle has the angle measures shown. what is the measure of?
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What is the measure of interior angle ABC of the regular polygon shown?

There is no polygon "shown" so it is impossible to answer the question. Additional Information:- If it's an equilateral triangle then each interior angle measures 60 degrees

what- Mike notices the triangle shown in the design of a building near his house. What are the values of the angle measures?

32, 32, and 116 degrees

what- Estimate the measure of the angle shown.?


2. The measures of two angles in a triangle are shown in the diagram. Which equation can be used to find the value of x?

The measures of two angles in a triangle are shown in the diagram. Which equation can be used to find the value of x?

what- Find the measure of the angle shown, in degrees.?


What can one measure with a marine chronometer?

A marine chronometer measures time. It is a very precise instrument because it can also be used to measure the longitude of the ship at sea using the time shown and the angle of the sun.

What is the proof that equiangular triangle is also called equilateral triangle?

Label the triangle ABC. Draw the bisector of angle A to meet BC at D. Then in triangles ABD and ACD, angle ABD = angle ACD (equiangular triangle) angle BAD = angle CAD (AD is angle bisector) so angle ADB = angle ACD (third angle of triangles). Also AD is common. So, by ASA, triangle ABD is congruent to triangle ACD and therefore AB = AC. By drawing the bisector of angle B, it can be shown that AB = BC. Therefore, AB = BC = AC ie the triangle is equilateral.

What combinations of sides and angles can you use to tell the rest of the information for a triangle?

To find all the other information of a triangle, you would need the information of an SAS (Side Angle Side, in that order), an ASA (Angle Side Angle), or a SSS (Side Side Side). Only triangles shown with this much information can be solved, other than that, you just can't be sure of the rest of the measures of the sides and angles.

Argument to showing that an equilateral triangle cannot have a right angle?

If you have an equilateral triangle ABC, then draw the line from A to D, the mid point of BC. Then in trangles ABD and ACD, AB = AC (equilateral), BD = DC (D is midpoint), and AD is common so these two triangles are congruent and so angle ABD = angle ACD. That is, angle ABC = angle ACB. Similarly the third angle can be shown to be the same. Thus an equilateral triangle is also equiangular. Now, sum of the interior angles of any triangle is 180 degrees. So since sum of three equal angles measures is 180 degrees, they must be 60 degrees each, i.e. NOT 90 degrees so there is no right angle..

What does a degree angle look like?

A degree is the measurement that measure an angle, such as Newtons measure gravity. It is shown with a small 'o' at the right-hand corner at the end of the last digit number.

What is proof of Pythagoras's theorem?

It can be shown that for any right angle triangle that its hypotenuse when square is equal to the sum of its squared sides.

What type of triangle has angle A 37 degree angle B 56 degree angle C 87 degree?

Acute triangle - all of the angles are less than a right angle (90°).Scalene triangle - none of the sides or angles are congruent. It can be shown that if no two angles are the same, then no two sides are the same using the Law of Sines and Law of Cosines.

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