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none of them. The cube has parallel and perpendicular and os does the cuboid.

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Q: What 3d shapes have some perpendicular edges but no parallel edges?
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What shapes have some perpendicular sidesbut no parallel?

A kite, if the topmost angle is right and none of the others are.

Can most shape have 19 edges?

Some shapes can have 19 edges but not most shapes.

Why do shapes have perpendicular lines?

Some do, some don't.

Which shape has some perpendicular sides but no parallel sides?

a right triangle, a pentagon w/ a right angle, alot of shapes with right angles.

What three dimensional shapes have faces with parallel edges?

Some do, some don't. A regular polyhedron such as the tetrahedron has none whereas an irregular one like the parallelepiped can have several.

What shapes have 0 pairs of parallel lines?

all right some body said that Ellipse Circle Oval but parallel shapes need to have lines so they are not parallel shapes so all i know that are not parallel is a diamond and a rhombus

What are some examples of parallel lines and a pair of perpendicular lines?

Railroad tracks or the number 11 are parallel lines. A cross or a small t are perpendicular lines. Also the two ll's in the middle of parallel are parallel lines.

What are some characteristics of crystals?

they are shiny, and have regular shapes and sharp edges

Why doesn't a cup have perpendicular lines or edges?

Some of them do. Such cups are usually called mugs.

Does a cone have some parallel faces and some perpendicular faces?

no, there are only two faces and one is curved therefore cannot be parallel in order for the cone to eventually come to a point, there cannot be any perpendicular faces

Does a octahedron have parallel edges?

An octahedron is a closed 3-d shape with 8 polygonal faces. There are 257 topologically different convex octahedra. Some of these have no parallel edges whereas a right hexagonal prism has 3 quartet of parallel edges and one sextet.

What are some parallel shapes?

Squares, parallelograms, rectangles, and rhombus are some. Zaragotha (Zara)

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Which shapes with straight edges has no perpendicular edges?

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