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Parallelogram -- 2 pairs of parallel sides

Trapezoid -- exactly 1 pair of parallel sides

Rhombus -- 4 congruent sides

Rectangle -- 4 angles congruent

Square -- four angles and sides congruent

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Q: What are different types of quadrilaterals?
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What are 4 different types of quadrilaterals?

trapezoids, squares, rhombuses, rectangles

What are the names of four different types of quadrilaterals?

square, rectangle, trapezoid, rhombus

What are the different types of rhombus?

A rhombus has four sides that are all equal. Different types of parallelograms and quadrilaterals are two examples of a rhombus.

How is a trapeziod different from the other four types of quadrilaterals you have learned about?

A trapezoid is different from other quadrilaterals that have 2 pairs of parallel sides in that a trapezoid has only 1 pair of parallel sides of different lengths.

What types of quadrilaterals are there?

There are many types of quadrilaterals, but the main one is the rHomBus and some other one

Different types of quadrilateral and their properties?

quadrilaterals are any four sided figure, as long as their sides are straight and the shape is closed. Types of quadrilaterals include trapezoids, squares, kites, rhombuses, rectangles and parallelograms. Get an A in geometry!

How is a trapezoid different from the other four types of quadrilaterals?

There are more than 4 other types of quadrilaterals.A trapezoid has only one pair of parallel sides. All other quadrilaterals have no parallel sides or two pairs.

How is a trapezoid different from other types of quadrilaterals?

A trapezium has one (and only one) pair of parallel sides.

Name all the kinds of quadrilaterals?

A quadrilateral is any polygon with four sides and four angles. Different types of quadrilaterals include trapezoid, parallelogram, rhombus, rectangle, and square.

What two types of quadrilaterals have four right angles?

the two types of quadrilaterals that have four right angles are a square and a rectangle

How many types of quadrilaterals are there?


What are four different quadrilaterals?

The four different quadrilaterals are square, rectangle, rhombos, and parrellelogram