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to find the perimeter you must add all sides.

and to find area you have to multiply lenght and width

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Q: What are the formulas for area and perimeter?
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What are the formulas for the area and perimeter of a rhombus?

Its perimeter is the sum of its 4 sides Its area is 0.5 times the product of its diagonals

What are some examples of geometry formulas?

There are different types of geometry formulas such as polygon properties, area formulas, volume formulas, surface area formulas, circle formulas, and perimeter formulas.

How do you study Geometry?

You study all the formulas of volume, area, perimeter, and surface area of each shape

How are the surface area formulas of cones and cylinders similar?

They both depend on circumference not perimeter.

What are 2 formulas using pi?

perimeter and area. then again i am only in fourth grade gt class

Which mathematician invented the formula for perimeter?

Although some have said Archimedes, my opinion is that the formulas for area and perimeter of a rectangle were well known before his time (300BC). The Babylonians in 1500BC knew how to create Pythagorean triples, so I wouldn't be surprised if they knew this. Archimedes did discover more difficult formulas, such as perimeter and area of a circle, and volume of a sphere and a cone.

What is the formula for the pentagon?

Any 5 sided polygon is a pentagon. There is no formula for it. We have formulas for area and perimeter. Perhaps that is what you are asking?

For perimeter of a polygon do you times the sides?

For the perimeter of a polygon you add the sides to find the total distance around the shape. For area, you multiply using the various formulas for different polygons.

What are formulas for area and perimeter?

Perimeter is the distance around the figure. Add all sides. Area depends on the figure. Triangle --- 1/2 bh Rectangle --- lw. Others --- divide into triangles and find the area of each triangle then add all together.

Which formulas can be used to find the surface area of a right prism where p is the perimeter of the base h is the height of the prism BA is the area of bases and LA is the lateral area?

SA = BA + ph SA = BA + LA because LA = ph (perimeter x height)

Is carpeting a floor a area are a perimeter?

It is area, not perimeter!

Area of rhombus if area and perimeter is given and if you have to find altitude?

Perimeter = 4*Side so that Side = Perimeter/4 Area of a rhombus = Side * Altitude so Altitude = Area/Side = Area/(Perimeter/4) = 4*Area/Perimeter