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Positive: less disease; smarter, stronger, and more productive people.

Negative: lack of genetic variation; social unrest.

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Q: What are the positive and negative aspects of the world shown in Gattaca?
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What are the positive and negative aspects shown in Gattaca?

Yeah anyone have any ideas?

What are two positive aspects of the world showed in gattaca and why?

Two positive aspects shown in Gattaca are the power of human determination and the triumph of the human spirit over adversity. The film highlights how the protagonist, Vincent, defies societal expectations and discriminatory practices through hard work and perseverance to achieve his dream. It also showcases the importance of individual agency in shaping one's destiny, illustrating that success is not limited by one's genetic makeup.

The oxidation number of an atom is shown with a negative number?

No, the oxidation number of an atom is typically shown as a positive or negative number (or zero) that represents the charge it would have in a compound or ion. Positive oxidation numbers indicate loss of electrons, while negative oxidation numbers indicate gain of electrons.

What happen during positive cycle and negative cycle?

as direction of current reverses it is shown in form of positive and negative cycles

What are the symbols used to indicate partially positive and partially negative?

The symbol δ+ is used to indicate a partially positive charge, while the symbol δ- is used to indicate a partially negative charge in chemistry. These symbols are commonly used to represent polar covalent bonds where electrons are not equally shared between atoms.

Does attitude positive or negative affect health?

Absolutely. Research has recently shown that a positive attitude leads to a longer life.

Is the The oxidation number of an atom is shown with a subscript?

No, the oxidation number of an atom is typically written as a superscript, not a subscript. It is denoted next to the symbol of the atom to represent the charge that the atom carries in a compound or ion.

What is negative 12 times negative 3 times positive 2?

-12 X -3 X (+)2 = --36 X (+)2 (+) 36 X (+)3 = (+)72 The signs are shown for clarity. Remember when multiplying/dividing positive/negative numbers the following table. X + = + X - = - X + = - X - = + NB If no sign is shown read it as positive (+)

What relationships can be shown when using multiple graphics with either positive or negative numbers?

Any relationship, including "no relationship".

Why inductance value is negative?

Inductance is not negative. It is measured in henrys, and that is a positive value. Inductive reactance, however, is measured in ohms, and is commonly shown as negative to indicate that the current lags the voltage.

What are some negative numbers you use in the real world?

1) Temperature below zero degrees is denoted by a negative number. 2) In business, profit is shown as positive and loss as negative

Did a pregnancy test was positive. went to docs was negative. Doc said that the test could have shown up positive if sperm was present at the time of the test. is this true?

There is no false positive pregnancy test result. If it has ever been positive, then it is positive.