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1/2 and 1/2

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Q: What are two rational numbers greater than one third whose product is less than one third?
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Is one third rational or irrational?

1/3 is rational. Rational numbers are numbers that can be written as a fraction. Irrational numbers cannot be expressed as a fraction.

One third is a member of which set of numbers?


Can the product of two rational numbers equal one?

Yes. A half multiplied by two gives one for example. Three by a third or 4 by a fourth or 5 by a fifth and so on, are all examples.

Is there an irrational number between one third and one half?

There are more irrational numbers in that interval than there are rational numbers in total!

The sum of two numbers is 208 one third of the greater numbers equals the smaller number what are the numbers?

52 and 156.

What numbers make a triangle?

Any three numbers where the sum of the two smaller numbers is greater than the third number. List the numbers in order from least to greatest, repeating any number if necessary. Add the first two numbers together and if this sum is greater than the third number then a triangle with those sides can be made. ie if the sum of the two smaller numbers is greater than the third number then a triangle can be made.

If the sum of three numbers is 99 and the first number is 10 greater than the second and 20 greater than the third. find the largest of the three numbers.?


What is THE product of aN integer?

It is not possible to have the product of an integer. "product" is a binary operation and that means that it is an operation that combines two numbers to make the product - a third number. So you need two numbers as input, not just one.

The product of three numbers is 54 two of the numbers are 2 and 3 what is the third number?

2, 3 and 9.

Is one third a rational number?

Yes. One third is 1/3, where both one and three are integers, therefore 1/3 meets the definition of rational numbers, which can be expressed as a fraction a/b where both a and b are integers and b is not 0.

Is 2 and one third a rational number?

Yes. 2⅓ = (3×2+1)/3 = 7/3 which is of the form of one integer over another which is the form of rational numbers.

All rational numbers are integers?

A rational number is a number which can be expressed as the quotient of two integers, a quotient being the solution to a division sum. Therefore, 1/2, or one half, is a rational number, equal to 0.5. However, 1/3, or one third, is an irrational number, because if you had to write the number out as a decimal, the number would continue to recur. Therefore, all integers are rational numbers, but not all rational numbers are integers. EDIT: 1/3 is a rational number, whoever said it wasn't is a moron.

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