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What I think is that the perimeter is the distance around a figure. :)

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Q: What best describes the perimeter of a two dimensional figure?
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Which best describes the perimeter of a two-dimensional figure?

the sum of the lengths of all its sides

What dimensional figure best describes one face of a refrigerator?

A 2-dimensional figure. A 2-dimensional figure. A 2-dimensional figure. A 2-dimensional figure.

How do you best describe the perimeter of a two-dimensional figure?

2 * length + 2* width 2 * ( length + width )

What best describes a polygon?

A polygon is a 2-dimensional shape with 3 or more sidesa closed plane figure with three or more sides that are straight

Which term best describes a figure formed by three segments connecting tree noncollinear points?

That figure is best described as a "triangle".

What is the defintion for perimeter?

1) the border or outer boundary of a two dimensional (2D) figure. 2) the length of such a boundary. 3) a line bounding or marking off an area. If it is for maths i would say the best definition would be number 1 . :)

Which geometric figure best describes the hour hand on a clock?

Line Segment

A parallelogram has four congruent angles which name best describes the figure?

A rectangle.

Best describes the surface area of a solid figure?

The sum of the areas of each face of the solid.

What best describes listening posts?

positioned outside the work site perimeter, but close enough to quickly warn work party

What has 12 edges and 8 vertices and 6 faces?

The description above best describes a cube, the three-dimensional form of a square.

Which choice best describes the quaternary structure of protein?

The three-dimensional arrangement of subunits in proteins with more than one polypeptide chainere...

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