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90 degrees

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Q: What degree is a complementary angle?
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What is an example of complementary?

Angles can be complementary. A 100 degree angle is a complementary angle to an 80 degree angle in geometry studies.

What is the degree of complementary angle?

90 minus A = complementary angle

What is the complementary angle of A degree?

90 minus A = complementary angle

What is the complementary angle of 140 degrees?

No angle can be complementary to a 140 degree angle, as the sum of complementary angles is 90 degrees. But angles which are supplementary to each other add together to form a 180 degree angle.

What is a complement of an eighty degree angle?

complementary angles are defined as 90 degrees - the given angle so 90-80=10 10 degree angle is complementary to an 80 degree angle

What angle is complementary to 74.2 degree angle?

Complementary angle of 74.2 degrees is (90 - 74.2) = 15.8 degrees

What does compliment mean in math?

A complementary angle is an angle that, when added to the original angle, equals 90 degrees. (Example: the complementary angle of a 34 degree angle would be a 56 degree angle.)

What is the complementary angle of a 48 degree angle?

42 degrees

How do you solve 16.5 degree using complementary angle?

73.5+16.5 = 90 degrees which is a complementary angle

What is the degree for a complementary angle?

Two anlges are complementary if the sum of their degree is 90. So given any angle A less than 90, if angle B is complemenatry its has degree measurement 90-A.

Complementary angle to a 14 degree angle measure of?

86 degrees.

What is the measure of an angle that is complementary to a 75 degree angle?

15 degrees

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