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It would be a little more than one third of the way between 0 and 1

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Q: What does 0.375 look like on a number line with itegers?
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What is the number that corresponds to a certain point on a huber line?

Do you mean a number line?The question you asked contains the answer. Every point on a number line corresponds to a number, and every number has a corresponding point on the number line.

How do you use a number line?

By drawing the number line and label it.

What is the scale of a number line?

The scale is the maximum of the total number line and is used to create the base of the question and number line.

What is the number line for 4?

4 is one of infinitely many points on a number line. There is not a special number line for 4!

What does the fraction number line look like?

The fraction number line (its more sophisticated name is "Rational Number Line") looks like an ordinary straight line, but each submicroscopic point on the line represents a number which can be represented as a fraction of two integers. The number "zero" stands at the center of the line, and there are an infinite number of points in the line. No matter how close together two fractions are, there are an infinite number of fractions between them. A number line is a strictly theoretical concept. It really isn't possible to draw more than an extremely limited example of a number line, since there is no limit to the number of points on a number line. Here's a very primitive fraction number line, showing only halves: -7/2 ... -3 ... -5/2 ... -2 ... -3/2 ... -1 ... -1/2 ... 0 ... 1/2 ... 1 ... 3/2 ... 2 ... 5/2 ... 3 ... 7/2 And an only slightly more intricate line showing only sevenths: -6/7 ... -5/7 ... -4/7 ... -3/7 ... -2/7 ... -1/7 ... 0 ... 1/7 ... 2/7 ... 3/7 ... 4/7 ... 5/7 ... 6/7

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How is a thermometer like a number line?

How is a thermometer like a number line?

How is a thermomerter like a number line?

If you noticed turn the thermomerter side ways and there you have it the number line and there are positive numbers and negitive numbers just like a number line

What does a number line look like?


What is the point of origin of the set of integers on a number line?

line straight like straight line vertical horizontal curve

What does 0.25 look like on a number line?

i think its the last number in the WORLD.[ literally]

What does the divide symbol mean?

its like a number on top of a number. sort of like a fraction... the dots are numbers and the line is like the fraction bar.

What is the opposite of 68?

A question like this is usually referring to the number line. The opposite of 68 would be -68, on the negative side of the number line.

What does a common fraction look like?

A number, a slash, and another number. For example: 1/2 or another way is to write a small number, a horizontal line underneath it, and another number beneath the line.

What number is between 5 and 5?

There is no number between 5 and 5. It is the same point on the number line and a word like between would imply a space from one point to the next on the number line.

How can you tell on a number line which numbers greater?

A number line is usually drawn in such a way that as you count,you move to the right along the number line.On a line drawn like that, greater numbers are farther to the right.(When you count, greater numbers come later.)

What is the distance between a number and zero on a number line?

The absolute value of that number, like -7-0= |-7| or just 7.

How do you draw the number line representing the following numbers like whole numbers 65?

65 is a whole number!