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Sometimes, like with most calculators, superscript like this is not possible, so the exponents of the powers of ten (the numbers above) are displayed as 2E4 and 1.45E3. The E stands for Exponent. It's just another way of displaying numbers in scientific notation.

In scientific notation, numbers are written like this,

20000 is written as 2 x 104 = 2 E4

The 2 is called the coefficient, and the 4 is called the power or the exponent (of ten).

1450 is written as 1.45 x 103 = 1.45 E3

The 1.45 is the coefficient, and the 3 is called the power or the exponent (of ten).

All numbers are written as a coefficient between 1 and 10, multiplied by 10 raised to the power of the exponent.

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Q: What does E after a number mean mathematically?
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