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> - greater than

< - less than

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Q: What does the greater sign look like in maths?
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What does the greater and less then sign look like?

First of all, the question should be asked like: What does the greater and less than sign look like? Greater Than Sign - &gt; Less Than Sign - &lt; Equal To Sign - = Your Welcome!

What does the perpendicular to sign look like in maths?

It looks like an upside-down "T".

What does the greater than or equal sign look like?


What sign in maths shows greater than?

&gt; is greater than. You can Shift and press the . button on your keyboard to access it.

What do the greater or less than signs look like?

The greater than sign is &gt; and the less than sign is &lt; To help remember which is which, think about which end of the sign is greater in size - the number at that end is the greater number (and the number at the other end number lesser number).

What does a greater than sign look like?

In mathematics, when we comparing two values if any of the value has a larger value then the sign greater than is used for differentiating that the value is greater than the another value. &gt; is the greater than sign, as in If x is greater than y,then x&gt;y

How would you say greater than 65 with a sign?

If u were to say....90 is greater that 65 it would look like this 90&gt;65

What does an inequality sign look like?

It is the 'equals' sign with a diagonal slash through it.

What does the preheat sign look like?

what does the preheat sign look like?

What a greater than sign llok like?

This &gt;

What does an at sign look like?

the at sign looks like this: @

What sign is this in maths?

I don't see the sign to explain its meaning!!!!