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If the radius is tripled then the Area will be greater by a factor of 9.

And the circumference will be greater by a factor of 3.

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Q: What happens if a circle's radius is tripled?
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What happens to the diamenter of a circle if you triple the radius?

It will be twice the size of the tripled radius

What happens to the area of a circle if the radius is tripled?

The circle becomes an oval

What happens to the volume of a cylinder if the radius and height are tripled?

The original volume is multiplied by 27.

What happens if you triple the radius in a circle?

nothing you will just just get the radius in 3 circles.

If the radius of a circle is tripled what happens to the circumference?

Circumference = pi x diameter so if the radius is 5 then the diameter is 10 Circumference = pi x 10 = 31.415 If we triple the radius to 15, then the diameter is 30, so Circumference = pi x 30 = 94.245 Which looks like triple the first circumference. So if the radius is tripled, the circumference is also tripled.

What happens to the area of a circle when the radius is doubled tripled?

The area increases as the square of the radius (or diameter). So if you double the radius you * 4 (quadruple) the area. Treble the radius, you *9 the area.

What are circles with the same radius?

Circles with the same radius are congruent circles.

When the radius of a circle is tripled what happens to the area?

It is increased nine fold. New Area = 9*old area.

When the radius of a circleis tripled what happens to the circumference and the area of the circle?

Circumference(C) = 2πr C is directly proportional to r. If radius is tripled then circumference becomes three times of the initial. Since the radius is tripled so the new radius is 3r. New circumference(C') = 2π(3r) = 3 x (2πr) = 3 x C Area = πr2 A is directly proportional to r2. If radius is tripled then area becomes 9{square of 3} times of the initial. New radius is 3r. New Area(A') = π (3r)2 = 9 x π r2 = 9 x A.

Do you use the radius on only circles?

The question is misguided. You do not use radius only on circles!

What happen to the area of circle when the radius is tripled?

If you triple the radius of a circle, the area will increase by 9. Area is proportional to the square of the radius.

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