What is 4r r in simplest form?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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4r + 4 = 5r

4r - r = 3r

4r x r = 4r^2

4r/r = 4

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this is junk

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Q: What is 4r r in simplest form?
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What is 4r plus r in simplest form?

It is in its simplest form: 4r+r = 5r

How do you slimpify 4r plus r?

Since 4R and R both contain a like term (R), you can combine them: 5R would be 4R plus R simplified

What is the anwer for 36 4r?

If 36 = 4r, r = 9

What is -4r-9 plus r?


What is the answer to the following inequality -4r plus 6 equals 14?

-4r+6=14 isn't an inequality, its a linear equation. Anyway... -4r+6=14 (-6) -4r=8 (/4) -r=2 (x-1) r=-2

What is 4r equals 84?


How to solve 10 plus 4r 30?

If you mean: 10+4r = 30 then it works out that r = 5

Anyone know the answer to this math question 4r plus 3 equals 3- 2 what is r and just to let you all know it's not 1?

4r+3 = 3-2 4r = 3-3-2 4r = -2 Divide both sides of the equation by 4 to find the value of r: r = - 1/2

How would you solve 4r plus 13 equals 57?

4r + 13 = 57subtract 13 from both sides:4r + 13 - 13 = 57 -134r = 44divide both sides by 4 to solve for r:4r/4 = 44/4r = 11

What is the answer to 2r plus r plus 4g plus r?


How do you factor r2 plus 4r plus 4?

(r + 2)(r + 2)

What does the first r stand for in the 4r's of explosive ordnance?