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2n - 8 = 42

n = 25

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Q: What is an equation that represents 8 less than twice a number is 42?
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What is an equation that represents the relationship 3 less than a number is -6?


What is an equation for 15 less than twice a number is 53?

2x-15 = 53

What is the number Eight less than twice a number is twenty?

The number works out as 14

What is the equation that describes four less than twice a number is negative eight?


Which equation means that 7 less than twice a number is -1?

2x - 7 = -1

Which linear equation represents the statement the value of y is twice the quantity of 3 less than x?

It works out as: y = x-6

How would you write this as an algebraic equation the quotient of a number with three is six less than twice the number?


Which of the following verbal expression represents the algebraic expression 2x-8?

eight less than twice a number

What the algerbraic equation for Thirty-two decreased by twice a number is less than eighteen?

32-2x < 18

How do you convert verbal sentences to mathematical equation?

Example:VERBAL SENTENCE:Seven more than twice a number is four less than thrice the number.MATHEMATICAL EQUATION:(seven more than) (four less than)(twice a number) is (thrice a number)2x + 7 = 3x - 4=Earljoyce8♥=Hope this helps!!

Eight less than twice a number is forty what equation represent?

That problem can be set up in the following equation: 2x-8=40 where 'x' represents the "number".First, add 8 to both sides to make get the x term alone. Then, divide by 2 to solve for x.The answer ends up to be 24.

7 less then twice a number?

Let the number be x Twice a number means 2x 7 less than twice a number means 2x-7

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