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Q: What is an long round object with circular ends?
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What is a long round object with flat circular ends?

The object described is a cylinder, specifically a right circular cylinder. It is a round solid with flat circular ends.

A long round object with flat circular ends?

A cylinder

What is a Round flat object?

A cylinder is a long round object with flat circular ends.

What is a long rounded object with round circler ends?

A cylinder

When an object moves at a constant speed in circular path it is said to be in uniform motion?

Circular -Brittany Goraczkowski

What causes acceleration to change in an object traveling in a circular path?

As long as the object stays in the same circular path, the acceleration doesn't change. It has to change of the object shifts into a larger or smaller circular path. Just like any other occasion where there's a change of acceleration, it happens when the net force on the object changes.

What is the force that can be thought of as either a push and pull as long as it makes the object move in a circular path?


What is an object hades had?

hades had a pitchfork with a u shape ant points at the ends and a long handle.

Force can be thought of as either a push or a pull as long as it makes the object move in a circular path.?

Centripetal-Brittany Goraczkowski

What is the formula for calculating total surface area of a cylinder?

A cylinder has two circular ends, then the long side surface, which is actually a rectangle if you flatten it out. You need the radius of the circular end (distance from the middle to the edge), and the height of the cylinder to work out the surface area. Doing the circular ends first, the surface area is given by the formula PI x radius squared. PI is 3.1415 for normal use. There are two ends, so count the answer twice. The side surface is a rectangle with one side of the height of the cylinder, and the other side the circumference of the circular end. The circular end length is 2 x PI x radius of the circular end. Now multiple that answer by the height of the cylinder. Finally add together the area of the two ends (don't forget to count both), and the area of the rectangle making up the long side, nd that's your answer.

When an object moves in a circular path it accelerates towards the center of the circle as a result of what?

Well, I was taught that it was centripetal force, but that was a long time ago.

What is a 3D figure with 2 congruent parallel circular bases and 1 curved surface?

A cylinder or half a torus (donut), or a long tubular shape whose ends are lined up so as to be parallel..