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It is known as "double digit inflation". It is certainly NOT hyper.

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Q: What is double digit inflation known as?
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What is double digit inflation?

A good description of "inflation" is an increase in prices and a fall in the value of money. Inflation is usually represented as a percentage increase for one month over the same month the previous year. Double-digit inflation is when this percentage is greater than 10%. If inflation rises even more than 100% (i.e. prices are twice s high as last year) it is usually called "hyper-inflation".

What was inflation back in the 1900s?

Inflation was the same thing back then as it is now. Inflation rates were and are different in different countries, so the amount of inflation in each country is always different, depending on the solidity of the local currency. In Britain the inflation rate in 1900 was 4.5%. In the USA it was 16.9% but then fell to -2.4 the next year. Inflation rates in the US changed greatly from year to year and were often double-digit (but sometimes that was double-digit deflation)

What important events happen while Jimmy Carter was in office?

the 444-day Iranian Hostage Crisis and double-digit inflation

What did paul volcker do that was important?

He helped lower double-digit inflation rates in the early 1980s and ushered in an era of financial deregulation and innovation.

What was one reason that Ronald Reagan won the 1980 presidential election?

Here are two reasons in a nutshell: Iranian hostages and double-digit inflation.

What is moderate inflation?

Based on the information that I've read, moderate inflation is the single digit increase in general price level.

What is walking inflation?

Walking inflation: When the price rise is moderate (is in the range of 3 to 7 %) and the annual inflation rate is of a single digit, it is called walking inflation. It is a warning signal for the government to control it before it turns into running inflation.

Providing automatic increases to compensate for inflation is known as?


Double your tens digit to get your ones digit and double you and you are less than 50?


Double your tens digit to get your ones digit double you and you are less than 50?


How do you know double digit by double digit just like that?

Well its complicated to explain.

How do you divide double digit by double digit?

add numbers below to each number at the top

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