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So it is 105 gain. 105/75,x100 = 140% markup

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2013-12-29 02:04:25
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Q: What is mark up percent if cost to store is 75 and selling price is 180?
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How do you find the percent of markup?

(Selling Price - Cost price)/Selling Price * 100

How can you calculate the cost price if 70 percent of selling price?

selling price 2783.40. 70% at cost price the answer is 2141.08

What is the selling price if it cost 15 and the percent of markup is 15?

The selling price would be 17.25 if it cost 15 and the percent of markup is 15.

How do you find cost price if profit percent and selling price is given?

find cost price if selling price =600 and profit=20%

The store made a 60 profit on the 180 selling price of the coat What was the store's profit?

I assume your question is 60 percent profit on 180 selling price. The store cost is x, and the profit is 0.60x; the selling price is 180, then x + .60x = 180 1.6 x = 180 x x = 112.50 = cost .60x = 67.50 = PROFIT

The selling price of a book is 53 Store raised price 30 percent what is the original cost?

1.3 x = $53x = 53/1.3 = $40.77

What would be the original cost to the store if the selling price was 63 dollars and the markup was 75 percent?

Mark up = 75%implies selling price = 175% of cost 175% = 63 dollars so 100% = 36 dollars.

How do you calculate cost price when given sell price and loss percentage?

Cost Price=(100/(100-loss percent))* Selling Price

A department store markes up its clothing by 80 percent of their cost price if the selling price for blue jeans is 14.00 what is its cost price?

14 = 180/100 x cost, so cost = 100/180 x 14 ie 7.78

Is mark up based on selling price or cost?

Mark up is how much money that the store thinks it can make by selling the product. It is the difference between cost and selling price.

How do you calculate cost price if we know the selling price and profit percent?

What I do is organize it as follows... Cost Price = 100% Selling Price = 100% + profit percent Then you can fill in the variables and cross multiply, for example if you know the selling price is $27 and the profit percent is 10% then you can fill it in accordingly... Cost Price = 100% $27 = 100 + 10 l l \/ Cost Price = 100% $27 = 110% Then you do ($27 x 100%) / 110 to get $24.55. That means that the Cost price is $24.55

If the markup formula is 40 percent of cost and the selling price of an item is 49.99 what is the cost?


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