What is positive 5 minus negative 5?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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5-(-5) is the same as 5+5 which means it equals to 10


5-(-5) = 10 remember, a negative times a negative is a positive

5+5 = 10 (same answer as above)

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Q: What is positive 5 minus negative 5?
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What is positive 3 plus negative 5 minus negative 2 minus positive 4?

Positive 3 plus negative 5 minus negative 2 minus positive 4 is equal to -4.

Does a negative number minus a positive number equal a positive or a negative?

A negative number minus a positive number equals a minus number( E.G -5 - [+]5 = -10)A negative number minus a negative number equals a positive number ( If the number's big enough)(E.G -5 - -5 = 0 )Hope this helps :)

What is positive five minus positive eleven?

positive 5 minus positive 11 = negative 6

What is positive 4 minus negative 9?

it is negative 5

What is negative 9 minus a positive 5?

Negative 14

What is a positive minus a positive?

It depends. (a) a positive minus a smaller positive is positive, (b) a positive minus a positive of the same size is zero, and (c) a positive minus a bigger positive is negative. For example, (a) 8 - 6 = 2 (b) 8 - 8 = 0 (c) 8 - 11 = -3

What is negative 5 minus positive 5?

-5 -5 = -10

The quotient of a negative integer and a positive integer is?

The quotient of a positive integer by a negative is always negative. Say this to yourself a couple times: "MULTIPLICATION: minus times minus is plus (negative x negative = positive).....minus times plus is minus (negative x positive = negative) times plus is plus (positive x positive = positive) DIVISION: minus divi minus is plus (negative ÷ negative = positive)......minus divi plus is minus (negative ÷ positive = negative) divi plus is plus (positive ÷ positive = positive)"

What is plus times a minus?

Positive (Plus) times Negative (Minus) always equals a negative (minus).

What is a poitive minus a negative?

A positive minus a negative is a positive.

Negative minus a negative?

Positive minus a negative = positive plus a positive two negatives make a positive 3- (-1) = 3 + 1 = 4 5- (-7) = 12

What is positive 5 minus negative 4?

-5 minus 4 is -9.