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A decimal point.

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Q: What is the dot in a decimal called?
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What is the dot between the ones and the tenths?

The dot between the ones and the tenths is called the decimal point.

Does a dot in 1.89liter decimal or a and?

Then dot is a decimal.

What is dot separates whole number from arts of whole?

Is is called the decimal point.

What is a dot in a decimal number CALLED?

It is mainly called "point" or "and" such as one AND one tenths or one POINT one.

What are synonyms of decimal?

some synonyms for decimal are, "point", "dot", and "and".

What is dot in mathematics?

Decimal point.

What is onethird as a decimal?

0.333... Also called 0.3 recurring (usually represented with a dot above the 3) as there are an infinite number of 3s after the decimal point.

What does decimal decimal decimal mean?

Decimal decimal decimal, (dot, dot, dot), (...) is known as an ellipsis. This means there is a break or a pause in thought, an unfinished thought or idea, or a sentence that is trailing. When you are reading aloud and come across an ellipsis (...) you do not say "ellipsis," you pause in your speech or (if it is at the end of the sentence) you prolong your last word.

What is the dot between the one and the tenths?

The dot is called a decimal point. It is said as "and." For example, 10.5 would be said as ten and five tenths. Hope i helped! *LolSmileeFace*

What is the name of the decimal that never stops?

The decimal that never stops is called recurring decimal. For example - 1/3 = 0.3333... and goes on. Such decimals are written with a dot or bar on top of the numbers which are repeating.

Who was Decebal?

Do you mean Decimal? Decimal is the dot that splits a whole number from a fraction.

How can you write a recurring decimal?

put a dot above the repeated number which is after the decimal

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