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A regression line.

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Q: What is the line that most clearly fits a set of data called in math?
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What is a straight line that best fits the data on the coordinate plane?

The straight line that best fits the data on a coordinate plane is the Line Of Best Fit.

A line that best fits the data points on a scatter plot?

A straight line which best describes the data on a scatter plot is called a "line of best fit". The line could pass through some of the points, all of them, or none of them.

In a data plot about half the data points will lie below the line that best fits?

Yes. The exception arises when you have outliers.

A line on a scatter plot that helps show the correlation between data sets more clearly?

A line of best fit or a trend line.

What is a line on a scatter plot that helps show the correlation between data sets more clearly?

The answer to ts question is....Trend Line.

When is it appropriate to show a break in the scale on a line graph?

When the domain or range of the data are clearly far from the origin, or where the data consist of two separate clusters.

What is a graph called that shows data along a number line?

Line plot

What is a best fit graph is?

A best fit graph to some data is exactly that: it is a line which fits the data best according to some optimality criterion. There is a always a trade off in fitting a line to data: one can change the number of degrees of freedom of the underlying equation, which affects how close the line can get to the data points. With more degrees of freedom, the line can more closely approximate the data. This is not to say that more degrees of freedom are better: with too many degrees of freedom, one is merely fitting to the noise in the measurement of the data, and the line will predict subsequent data poorly, when both interpolating and extrapolating the existing data. This is an example of Occam's Razor: one must pick the simplest model which adequately fits the data.

Is y equals 4x plus 2 a representation of a trend line?

It could be - it is a representation of a line, but whether the "trend" actually fits the data that your given is not possible to say.

What is the difference between a trend line and a line of best fit?

A trend line is graphed from a linear, exponential, logarithmic or other equation, and trys to fit the sorted data that you have. But it may or may not be correlated. The line of best fit is the trend line that best fits your data, having a high correlation. R closer to 1.

A line graph in which the data points do not fall along a straight line is called a?

nonlinear graph.

A line graph in which the data points do not fall along a straight line is called?

nonlinear graph

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