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Q: What is the maximum value of a binary number with 8 bits?
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What is the maximum value number that can be held in 32 bits?


What would the largest value in 8 bits be in binary?

The largest possible value using 8 bits in binary is actually quite simple. Binary is a numerical system that only uses 2 numbers (1 and 0) to determine value. Our system is decimal. (0-9) Now, a 'bit' is one number from the binary system. It can either be 1 or 0. So, 8 bits means using 8 digits in binary. 1 is greater than 0, so the largest value is 11111111. (8 'one's)

What is meant by the term bit per second?

It is a binary digit and computers use it to store and process data. A single binary unit is called a bit which stands for binary digit. Computer memory is measured in bytes. One byte is made up of eight bits.

What is the largest binary number that can be obtained with 64 bits?

the largest binary number is 1.84467440737e19. to figure this out you put 2 to the exponent of the certain amount of bits. Eg: 2^64 equals the binary number

What are bits?

A bit is a single digit of a binary number.

A combination of eight 0s and 1's binary digit is reffered to?

A binary number containing eight bits is referred to as one "Byte". A binary number containing four bits is referred to as one "Nibble".

If a binary number needs to represent 16 different values how long must the number be in bits?

4 bits

What is sign binary number?

It is a binary number where the sign, either plus or minus, can be declared. One Bit is given over to act as the sign, being either 1 or 0, with the rest of the bits acting as the actual value.

What is the largest decimal value that can be represented in binary using two bytes?

11b which is 1*2 + 1*1 = 3 would be for two bits. But a byte is 8 bits, so 2 bytes is 16 bits. The largest binary number is [2^16 - 1], which is 65535 (base ten)

How many seconds can be represented in a binary number 32 bits long?

My initial guess is as follows: binary code will render 2 possible digits, either 0 or 1. If there are 32 digits with two possible outcomes per digit then you will find the answer by calculating 2 to the 32nd power. The answer I got was 4294967296 seconds. Edit: The maximum number which can be represented by a binary string is always 2^n where n is the number of bits in the string.

What is the decimal equivalent of the largest binary number with 5 places?

To achieve the answer to what the decimal equivalent of the largest binary number with five places (or bits) is, work this equation: The formula is 2_ -1 where n is the number of bits. That will get you where you need to be.

What is the lowest value 6 bit number you can have in binary?

000000 is the lowest number in a 6 bit unsigned binary number (meaning the high order bit is not the sign bit). If it is a signed number then the lowest number would be represented by 100000 which is equivalent to -32 in decimal. Highest unsigned number in 6 bits is decimal 63. Highest signed number in 6 bits is decimal 31.