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vcb define in electrical terms

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Q: What is the meaning of V C B in electrical terms?
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What is the external and internal terms of a ratio?

If A is to B as C is to D, A and D are the external terms or the extremes of the proportion, and B and C are the internal terms or the means.

What is C in electrical terms?

C is ussally the symbol used to denote the velocity of light.

What is circular causality in terms of A B and C?

It means that a causes B, B causes C and C causes A (or the other way around).

What does B mean in shipping terms?

the answer is that a plus c is equal to b.

What is the meaning of distributive property of multiplication?

The distributive property of multiplication OVER addition (or subtraction) states that a*(b + c) = a*b + a*c for any three terms a, b and c. Thus, multiplication, from outside the bracket, can be "distributed" over the terms that are inside the bracket.

What is B to C?

B to C is Business to Consumer, meaning a business marketing to consumers.

If a equals b and b equals c how to proof that a equals c?

The transitive property of equality says that if a=b, then b=c.If a=b and b=c, then a=cTo Prove:Using the equation:a=bsubstituting the value of b in terms of c:which is: b=ctherefore:a=ba=(c)a=c

What is associative in math mean?

The associative property states that the result of an addition or multiplication sentence will be the same no matter the grouping of the terms. Associative: (a + b) + c = a + (b + c) (a × b) × c = a × (b × c)

Why is class c is for putting out electrical fires?

An electrical fire is a class "C" fire. A Class "C" fire is actually a class "A" or "B" fire that is caused by electrical current.

What does equal interval in math terms mean?

Two intervals (a, b) and (c, d) are said to be equal if b - a = d - c.

What do you call the -7 in the subtraction problem -2 - 5 equals -7?

The -7 is called the difference. In any subtraction problem: a = b - c a is the difference b and c are terms (technically, b is minuend and c is subtrahend, but these terms are not really used in modern math)

What is a whole step above B in music terms?

C is one step above B