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a molecule

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Q: What is the name of the magnetic axis that has wandered over time?
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Magnetic axis that has wandered over time?


(-3,2) reflected over the y-axis?

ok is me my name is shaker ok

Why is Earth's magnetic field not lined up with Earth's geographical poles?

Although the Earth's geographic axis only slightly "wobbles" over time, the magnetic field generated by its core can move, or even reverse polarity, in response to fluid dynamics in the outer core.

How do you find the reflection of a point that is reflected over the x- axis and then over the x- axis?

It will be where it was, to start with.

What is magnetic casting?

a magnetic casting is what goes over a magnet

Where were cats introduced to Australia?

probally a cat that wandered over the border or soeone was traveling over the border with a cat, then the cat has reproduced.

When is the sun completally over Earth's axis?

It is completely over the axis when we have an equinox. Like the Fall and Spring equinox's.

Were the earth's poles always in the current position?

No. Over many millions of years they have wandered large distances.

How do you reflect over the y axis when your x axis is already negative?

The bit with the negative x-axis goes to the positive x-axis.

How does earths magnetic field change over time?

It changes over time through direction and strength. So therefore Magnetic North becomes Magnetic South.

What is the reflection in Geometry?

Reflections are congruence transformations where the figure is reflected over the x-axis, y-axis, or over a line.

Is temperature on the x or y axis?

It is usually on the y-axis because you are comparing it over time. However it can sometimes be on the x-axis.