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%K = 39.1x100/122.557

%Cl = 35.457x100/122.557

%O = 48.0x100/122.557

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Q: What is the percentage calculation of KCIO3?
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What is the compound name kcio3?

KCIO3 is nothing. KClO3 (with a lowercase L) is potassium chlorate.

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What is cuso4 kcio3 nh4oh k2co3 na2so4 kc2h3o2?

CuSO4 - Copper Sulphate KCIO3 - NH4OH - Ammonium Hydroxide K2CO3 - Potassium Carbonate NA2SO4 - Sodium Sulphate KC2H3O2 -

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Is HCN or KCIO3 a salt?

HCN is an acid; KClO3 is a salt.

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How many grams of oxygen can be obtained from 5.00 g of KCIO3?

69. 00 g of oxygen

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What is the name for kciO3?

There is no such thing as KCIO3. That should be a lowercase L, not an I. (all two-letter element symbols use a lowercase for the second letter) That being said, KClO3 is Potassium Chlorate. K = Potassium Cl = Chlorine O = Oxygen 3 = number of Oxygen atoms in the molecule