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The whiskers go from the minimum to the maximum though outliers may be excluded. The box, itself, goes from the lower quartile to the upper quartile.

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Q: What is the range of the data set in the box and whisker plot?
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A box and whisker plot has 4?

A box and whisker plot has four quartiles in which its data is spread across.

What does the box in a box-and-whisker plot represent?

The inter-quartile range.

You want to construct a box-and-whisker plot from a data set What is the first thing you should do?

Box-and-whisker plots highlight central values in a set of data. In order to construct a box-and-whisker plot, the first step is to order your data numerically and find the median value.

What is an example for a box and whisker plot?

the example for the box and whisker plot is THESE NUTSS

Can you find the mean median mode and range on a box and whisker plot?

A box and whisker plot cannot identify the mean or mode.

What does the box part of a box-and-whisker plot represents?

The box part represents the interquartile range.

What is a Box and Whisker Plot?

A Box and Whisker Plot are always uniform in their use of a box. It is simply a way of graphically depicting groups of numerical data. There can be several forms of this and different shapes.

In a box-and-whisker plot it shows the what of data?

the box shows you the range of #s from the lower quartile to the upper quartile. the wiskers show you all of the #s outside of the box.

Do outliers count when calculating the range of a box and whisker plot?

no max-min

How do you find the range in box and whisker plot?

The highest and lowest numbers in a box and whisker plot are shown by the two dots at the end of the "whiskers". To find the range, you must subtract the highest number from the lowest number.

How are outliers of a data set related to the whiskers of its box plot?

Outliers on a modified box plot will be noted away from the ends of the whiskers, as they are not considered part of the range, due to the fact that they are so different from the rest of the data. In a regular box plot, the lowest value, whether it is an outlier or not, will be the beginning of the 1st whisker, the highest value, whether an outlier or not will be the end of the 2nd whisker.

What word is used for data display that helps you to see the way data are distributed?

box- and - whisker plot

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