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Outliers on a modified box plot will be noted away from the ends of the whiskers, as they are not considered part of the range, due to the fact that they are so different from the rest of the data. In a regular box plot, the lowest value, whether it is an outlier or not, will be the beginning of the 1st whisker, the highest value, whether an outlier or not will be the end of the 2nd whisker.

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Q: How are outliers of a data set related to the whiskers of its box plot?
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What does the whisker in a box-and-whisker plot represent?

The whiskers mark the ends of the range of figures - they are the furthest outliers. * * * * * No. Outliers are not part of a box and whiskers plot. The whiskers mark the ends of the minimum and maximum observations EXCLUDING outliers. Outliers, if any, are marked with an X.

What are four parts of the box and whisker plot called?

There are 5 (not 4) parts of an elementary box and whiskers plot. From left to right, they are: minimum, lower quartile, median, upper quartile, and maximum. A more advanced version of plot is used for data containing outliers. In such cases the whiskers extend to the minimum or maximum EXCLUDING the outlier(s) and the outliers themselves are marked with Xs - beyond the scope of the whiskers.

What are the five points of a box and whiskers graph?

Both ends of the the box (the "whiskers") plot determine the range of your data, without including outliers. (Outliers are marked by an asterisk). The end of the left side of the box is the lower quartile. The line in the box is the median. The other end of the box represent the upper quartile.

What is the range of the data set in the box and whisker plot?

The whiskers go from the minimum to the maximum though outliers may be excluded. The box, itself, goes from the lower quartile to the upper quartile.

How do you set up a box and whiskers plot with multiple numbers?

By transferring the numerical data from the cumulative frequency curve into a box and whiskers plot.

How do you Create a box plot of data that does not have any outliers?

Go into your data to determine which values are outliers and if they're significant and random (not an apparent group), eliminate them. This will take them out of your boxplot.

In a data plot about half the data points will lie below the line that best fits?

Yes. The exception arises when you have outliers.

What is a representation of data that shows the extremes and quartiles of a data set?

Probably the box and whiskers plot, but there are others.

How do you find the minimum and maximum in a box and whisker plot?

Assuming no outliers, the two are the lowest (left-most) and the highest (right-most) values of the whiskers (not wiskers).

What are the whiskers of a box plot?

They are some measure of the dispersion or range of numbers in the set of data.

How do you find clusters on a box and whisker plot?

You cannot, unless they are all outliers, and the plot records outliers separately.

What if the data doesnt have a median how do we make a box and whisker plot?

If the data are quantitative they must have a median. If there is no median it is only because the data are qualitative and, in that case, a box and whiskers plot is meaningless.

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