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10 billions

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Q: What is the value of the ten billions place?
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What is the highest plce value of a ten digit number?

The billions place is.

What is after one hundred million in the place value system?

In the US system, the next place to the left has a value of one billion to under ten billion, or units of billions. Then there is tens of billions, and hundreds of billions.

What's the next place value of million so on and so forth?

The millions, then the Ten Millions, then the Hundred Millions, then the Billions, the Ten Billions, the Hundred Billions, the Trillions, the Ten Trillions, the Hundred trillions, the Quadrillions, the Ten Quadrillions, the Hundred Quadrillions, the Quintillions and so on.

What comes after millions in place value?

The place value after millions is billions.

What is the highest place value in 2704070321?

the highest place value is billions place.

What is the multiple of ten telling how much a digit represents?

I think you're asking about powers of ten, not multiples of ten. In whole numbers, the place values as they increase from right to left are: ones, tens, hundreds, thousands, ten-thousands, hundred thousands, millions, ten-millions, hundred millions, billions, ten-billions, hundred billions, trillions... Each place value increases by another power of ten: Place Value Power of ten ones 10 to the zero power tens 10 to the first power hundreds 10 to the 2nd power (10 squared) thousands 10 to the 3rd power (10 cubed) ten-thousands 10 to the 4th power

What is place value after billions period?

the trillions period comes after billions

What is the ten billions place?

11 to the left of the decimal point.

what digit is in the ten billions place with the number 30242386651?


Which digit occupies the ten billions place in 123456789000?

Which one is it

What comes after Billions in place value?


What is 7405385724 greatest place value?